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Peter Müller, a renowned people and portrait photographer from Rödermark near Frankfurt, is a fascinating synthesis of passion and experience. Although his previous career as a management consultant initially suggested a different path, his desire to create something of lasting value became an irrevocable calling to photography.

Peter has been involved in photography for over four decades and has skilfully transferred the concepts of analogue work into the digital age. His final photographs are usually monochrome JPGs from the camera. They are internationally recognised and have been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions. In his illustrated book „Through My Eyes“ he presents classic portraits that are striking in their simplicity and, paradoxically, in their richness of detail and unusual expressiveness.

With a preference for natural light or the skilful combination of additional ambient light, Peter skilfully stages his models. A deep love of aesthetics and perfection is reflected in each of his images and he spares no effort in realising his own photographic visions. His motto "I only capture what I can see with my eyes" underlines his high standards of authenticity and quality.

Peter's curiosity and passion are contagious. As you browse through his portfolio, you will discover surprising details and be captivated by the emotional power of his images. His photographs have the rare ability to make the viewer pause and reflect on the thoughts and feelings of the subjects.

Peter Müller's clients include not only agencies and fashion labels, but also actors and anyone looking for a special and expressive image.

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10Photos means: authenticity instead of image editing, creativity instead of mainstream, emotional depth instead of superficial beauty. Pictures taken from life and not in a sterile studio. This is an important part of Peter Müller's work. It is the fine art of people photography that creates lasting memories and Peter is a master of it. His images not only tell stories, they often make the viewer feel as if they are right in the middle of them. But Peter also proves that he is a master in the discipline of "classical portraiture". In the photo book 'Through My Eyes', his images unfold an unexpected power and impress with a wonderful wealth of detail. We are excited and impressed.

"Through My Eyes" is a unique photo book, the result of Peter's desire to capture the essence of the people portrayed, to convey emotions and tell moving stories. In short, the wish has been fulfilled!

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