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We are very happy to present on 10Photos the happiest man in the world with his pictures. The Italian portrait and nude photographer Gabriele Rigon writes about himself: "I must be the happiest man in the world. Not only do I meet and photograph the most beautiful women in the world, but I also fly helicopters for the Italian army when I'm not in the studio or on location! My passion is to capture and share the sensual beauty of the female form."

One thing before you look at the photos below, you can feel the happiness in the shots. Even though 10Photos doesn't show any nudes here, you can see and feel the sensuality of the photos.

For Gabriele, the female nude is the most beautiful gift of nature. He tries to capture this aesthetic and reproduce it in the still image. In doing so, he always likes to work with the same models. A good working relationship and trust in each other is a very important and often underestimated part of people's photography, especially when there is little material between the photographer and model. It is precisely this trust, but also the friendship that has developed, that provides the necessary relaxation so that the camera becomes a tool to perfectly capture emotions and moments.

Finally, a quote from Gabriele beautifully describes his work: "Many people ask me if I am a romantic when they see my photos. I consider that a great compliment. It means that I portray women in the right light. I am a romantic, and in the face of such extraordinary beauty, I want to create poetry with my camera."

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