Reinhard Ringwald

Reinhard Ringwald is a professional and creative photographer from Haussach in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). He writes about himself:

"I am primarily a portrait photographer. Secondarily, I always like to "break out" of portrait photography. It lets me live out my creative traits and gives me new ideas, new inspirations, and new perspectives. It allows me to consciously break photographic rules. In this way, my creativity lives on.

I have been taking photographs since I was seven years old. I got into photography with people in 2013. I like working with people. Every person is special to me. Getting involved with them creates trust. And trust is the prerequisite for being able to photograph people as they are. - Natural, genuine and expressive!
My portrait photos are minimally retouched when it comes to skin imperfections because I am a photographer first and foremost.
Photos, snapshots of one, specific moment, help us to preserve special and beautiful moments forever. When we look at a photo from our past, we are there again for a brief moment. The emotions of that time come back and that can be something beautiful.

I like natural light, I'm not averse to using continuous light or flash at times."

More pictures and information from and about Reinhard Ringwald can be found on his website and Instagram .

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