Klaus Reinders

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Klaus Reinders is an industrial, business and people photographer from Emden, Germany. He offers workshops and individual coaching and runs a very informative YouTube channel.

His professional focus is on industrial and corporate photography. However, his creativity is also evident in the area of people and portraits. Dealing with people in front of and behind the camera and imparting knowledge is very important to Klaus. People with their wishes and expectations are in the center of his attention. A photo must not only be beautiful to look at, it must fulfill wishes and reflect dreams, only then it is perfect.

Klaus has been taking photographs since he was a teenager, and over time has developed not only his technical skills, but also a distinctive photographic style that sets his work apart.

Klaus Reinders' photography is captivating in its simplicity and honesty. He has a gift for drawing the viewer into the moment and allowing them to see the world from a new perspective. His images tell stories of people, places and everyday scenes that are often overlooked. With his trained eye, he is able to capture the essence and emotion of these moments and capture them in powerful images.

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10Photos says: It's not just the brilliant results that fascinate us. It is the person, the photographer Klaus Reinders. He likes to pass on his knowledge. It's not just hard technical facts that he imparts, it's an "all-round carefree package" that can help every listener - whether amateur or professional - to get ahead. Sympathetic and empathetic, that's how he likes to be described. We can only agree.

For more pictures and information about Klaus Reinders, please visit his website at klausreinders.de on Instagram @klausreindersfotografie and YouTube @72Klaus.