Yago de Miguel

Yago de Miguel is a passionate self-taught Spanish photographer focused on people photography. In continuous learning, he started with artificial light although focused on available daylight for the last two years.

„I have always been passionate about drawing and painting, but I was too slow to finish each of my works, so I found in photography an amazing way to keep on creating outside my professional environment”.

Yago is an eclectic character, in his career as an economist, lawyer, pilot, marketeer, or architect, as well as in his inspirational sources such as literature, movies (especially classics), painting, sculpture, illustration, advertising, and music.

„I’m afraid I am not a photography nor photographers’ scholar. Unless I am doing a tribute, I guess the ideas come from everything I have lived and seen, many times unconsciously, so never know if really creating. Having said this, for me the creative process is crucial. Image thinking, preproduction, execution, and postproduction. Always a wonderful and fun challenge!”

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