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Yago de Miguel is a passionate Spanish self-taught photographer who focuses on photographing people. He started learning with artificial light, but since 2020 he focuses mainly on daylight.

He has always been passionate about drawing and painting but was too slow to complete each of his works. With photography, Yago has found a wonderful way to continue being artistic outside of his professional environment.

Yago is an eclectic character, both in his career as an economist, lawyer, pilot, marketeer or architect, and in his sources of inspiration, such as literature, movies (especially classics), painting, sculpture, illustration, advertising and music.

He writes about himself: " I’m afraid I’ve never been a photography nor famous photographers’ scholar. Unless I'm doing a tribute, the ideas come from everything I've experienced and seen, often subconsciously, so I never know if I'm really being creative. Still, the creative process is crucial for me. The thinking in images, the pre-production, the execution and the post-production. It's always a wonderful and fun challenge!"

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Even if Yago is unsure, we know for sure, this photographer is more than creative. His often humorous images inspire, bring a smirk - even a raucous laugh - to the face. His portraits are refreshingly different. But not only the funny pictures please, his sensual works also inspire us. Here, too, he convinces with his ideas, with his sometimes unusual but always extraordinary photos. "10fotos" is amused, impressed and equally sensually thrilled. This is very rare in this combination.

See more from Spanish creative genius Yago de Miguel on Instagram @giacphoto_01.

Necessary note on the subject of "buttocks and breasts" on the Internet: Dear young visitor. If you are not yet 16 years old, unfortunately you are not allowed to view these artistic and sensual photos. Please leave this site now. Alternatively you can go to a public swimming pool, there you will surely find enough women with naked torso. Or look at the lightly clothed girls on the billboards in the city. That is also allowed. Not here! Please close your eyes immediately and scream for help ...