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Jochen Reinecke explores the world of portrait photography through his Sony lenses. With a long-standing passion for capturing people in their best light, he started out as a photographer on his many travels to different countries. He is now an accomplished specialist in natural light portraiture.

With over four years of dedication to this art, his passion and experience is evident in every shot. He strives to tell unique stories and capture the beauty of personality. A photographer on his way from ambitious amateur to professional. He collects photography books by famous photographers, which are often a good source of inspiration.

The way of the Berlin photographer Jochen Reinecke: A Journey through the Lens.

His journey as a photographer began with a small inheritance that would continue to influence his life. A simple 6×6 camera that once belonged to his relatives gave him his first glimpse into the world of photography at the age of 10. But his first steps with roll film were marked by blurry shots and unsuccessful moments. It was the beginning of an instructive journey.

Over the years, he matured into a young adult who saw the world around him with different eyes. The camera was often his companion when he traveled. A handy 35mm camera became his first photographic companion and accompanied him to many places around the world. It was here that he slowly began to understand photography better. His family, landscapes, architecture, motor sports events and different cultures became his subjects over time. But the desire for more creativity and technical skill drove him on.

Over the years, his interest grew and he was able to borrow his father's first SLR camera. This camera was the key to a new dimension in his photography. The possibilities with a fixed 50mm focal length were limited, but fascinated him at the same time. It was a challenge and the beginning of many experiments and a constant learning process.

Over time, his collection of cameras and lenses grew. SLR cameras of various models found their place in his photo bag. The variety of lenses allowed him to capture every situation and subject more accurately. His cameras became not only tools, but also his treasures, which he guards to this day. They became a kind of small camera museum in his own home.

The decisive step in his photographic development came at the beginning of 2019, when he turned more to people photography. With a Sony full-frame camera, he found a new passion. Capturing portraits, emotions and stories through the lens became his defining hobby. The world of people and their expressions became his canvas to express his creative visions.

His photography continued to evolve as he turned to Sony cameras as his tools of choice. The opportunity to attend workshops and work in different lighting conditions and situations expanded his skills. With each new project and image, he sought to grow as a photographer.

Today, he looks back on his journey from his first blurry results to semi-professional people photography. His life's journey has often been shaped by his passion for photography, and he wants to continue exploring the world through his lenses and cameras.

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10Photos says: Recently we were asked if people photography is easy. You "take" an attractive model and take a picture. Surely that must be a beautiful picture. And yes, there are many beautiful pictures, Instagram is full of them. But there are also pictures that you forget in a second. Jochen's portraits are different, they stay in your mind, they are memorable, they are real and authentic. We do not see lifeless, styled to death "model dolls", we see people. We see true sensuality and creativity. People photography is anything but easy and Jochen masters it perfectly.

More pictures of Jochen can be found on his Instagram account @jochen.r.photo.


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