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Wolfgang Loke was born in Bochum in 1967 and lives in Witten. Already at the age of 9 years his love for photography arose very early. Over a long time, he gained experience in his own darkroom and still his love is black and white photography - but for many years exclusively digital.

Thematically, the image of people (especially portrait, beauty and nude) belongs to Wolfgang’s favorite area. For this he also likes - together with his partner - abandoned places (Lost Places), which often provide a suitable backdrop for his ideas. He is less interested in documentation than in the subjective view and his own interpretation of the respective photo situation.

Wolfgang Loke has been a member of the German Photographic Association (DVF) since 1989 and has participated in national and international photo competitions for more than 30 years, with numerous publications in magazines.

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10Photos is more than thrilled with the versatility and quality of Wolfgang's shots. Rarely has it been so difficult for us to pick out a favorite photo for the Favorites section. According to our motto: Pictures say more than 1000 words, we now write nothing more and let the fantastic pictures speak.

More pictures from Wolfgang can be found on Instagram @wolo_pictures.


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