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Bernhard Lamberz comes from Limburgerhof in Rhineland-Palatinate and has been taking photographs since 1978. His photographic journey began in analogue with a Voigtländer camera, later he switched to the Canon A1. After a break in 1985, he found his way back to photography in 2010 with the Nikon DX40 digital SLR camera. Since 2015, he has devoted himself mainly to people photography.

Bernhard has been fascinated by portrait photography for a long time and began his journey by attending workshops with Sacha Leyendecker and other photographers. He also taught himself a lot. After a short break and a well-deserved retirement, Bernhard has been devoting himself to photography again since 2023.

He prefers to work with natural light. He is fascinated by how the choice of location can shape the light and the overall impression of the image. Bernhard is not a meticulous planner, he develops rough concepts, but in the end he follows his instincts and photographs from his feelings. This spontaneous approach gives his images a naturalness and an unaffected liveliness.

For Bernhard, the focus is on the people he is photographing. A harmonious atmosphere and the enjoyment of all involved during the shoot are very important to him. The absence of pressure to perform and the joy of discovering new perspectives and ideas are essential components of his way of working. These principles create optimal conditions for the creation of sensual images.

When editing images on the computer, Bernhard concentrates on colouring and image manipulation. His aim is to preserve the basic mood of an image and only subtly enhance it. Authenticity and the natural radiance of the people photographed are very important to him. This is why he avoids heavy retouching and concentrates on unadulterated representations.

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10Photos says: Looking at Bernhard's images, you can literally feel the relaxed and easy atmosphere of the shoot. We see very creative, non-staged shots and experience a wonderful sensuality that has an almost hypnotic effect on us. This is not just photography, this is photographic art.

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