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Martin Krolop is a professional photographer from Cologne. He is one of the most famous German-speaking YouTubers in the field of photography. With his relaxed and, at the same time, expert way of imparting knowledge, the likeable Cologne native reaches a wide audience. The focus of Martin’s photographic work is portrait and people photography. Professionally, he focuses on the areas of advertising, action and sports, among others.

Versatility is one of Martin’s photographic strengths. In addition to the above-mentioned focal points, you can find classic portraits and nudes as well as fantastic landscape and nature shots in his portfolio. He could fill coffee table books with his shots (which is the case - you can find quite a few books featuring his photos in his webshop). On 10Photos he focuses on people photography.

When you read the name Martin Krolop, you almost automatically think of Krolop & Gerst. The YouTube channel of the same name features many videos on the topics of photography, lighting and technology. In addition to useful tutorials, test reports and interesting facts, there are also entertaining travel reports with fantastic photos of people and landscapes. A channel that inspires not only photographers.

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A final word from 10Photos: Martin is not only enormously versatile in the field of photography. His YouTube channel conveys an incredibly broad spectrum of knowledge. We claim without a bad conscience, Martin Krolop is a sympathetic and creative multi-talent in front of and behind the camera!

For more from Martin Krolop, check out his website or social media.

Website & shop www.krolop-gerst.com, YouTube: KROLOP & GERST, Instagram: @krolopgerst, Facebook: #krolopgerst


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