Anton Plotnikov

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Anton Plotnikov is a Russian portrait photographer who studied with Igor Sakharov-Ross in Saint Petersburg. His style is characterized by minimalism, the person is the focus, not the packaging. In beauty and fashion shoots he likes to surprise and show what you don't expect on social media.

In his portraits, Anton tries to share emotions with the viewer. When the model looks into the camera, the viewer should have the feeling that the model is looking at him and not vice versa. Emotional and expressive portraits are a trademark of Anton Plotnikov.

His work has won several awards, including a final appearance in the Hasselblad Masters and publications in the "Lensculture" magazine.

Anton was asked in an interview about his philosophy of life and what meaning photography has for him. His answer: "I don't like to look back and evolve. Photography for me is first and foremost a way to express myself. I save my new work in a folder called Release and I'm happy."

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