Joachim Bergauer

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It is with some pride that 10Fotos presents the award-winning photographer Joachim Bergauer. Joachim Bergauer has been working as an advertising, image, portrait and reportage photographer in Salzburg and worldwide since the 1990s.

He also specialises in fashion and nude photography. His clients include the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Spiegel, KTM, Moosleitner, Hallstatt Salt Mine, etc.

Joachim Bergauer's book "Life in a Leprosy Village" has become the title Book of the Year at the Tokyo Photography Award. In conjunction with his India story "Hidden Heroes" about salt workers, he was selected as Photographer of the Year 2019 in Japan. Other awards include first place at the State Prize for Advertising Photography in Austria or first place at the Trierenberg Super Circuit. 

Absolutely worth seeing is also his travel photography, in which not only landscapes and cities are depicted, but above all the people. The viewer finds thereby on the one hand qualitatively fantastic pictures, on the other hand also emotions and moods pure.

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10Photos says: Joachim Bergauer is a photographer for whom we once again regret that the site is not called 100 Photos ;-). His portraits captivate us with their incredible sensuality and emotionality. Joachim manages to stimulate our imagination with each of his images. We don't see a lifeless image, we see feelings and stories, and each of his photos leaves a lasting, unforgettable impression. This is portrait photography at its best.

More pictures and emotions can be found on the website www.bergauer.cc and Instagram.