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Esther Posala from Lünen in North Rhine-Westphalia has been working as a freelance photographer since 2012. Her passion is artistic people photography. She has a clear conviction: Photography should not show what you see, but what you feel. Photography is not about capturing a moment or a person, but about capturing the deep, palpable affection between people - as unadulterated as possible.

Esther herself writes of her photography: "Photography for me is a connection. A connection to myself. A connection to me. I love to learn and immerse myself in my own unique voice as an artist."

This quote shows that Esther has her own unique, creative and exciting way of working. For her, perfection in an image is not important, because no one cares if the hair is perfectly in place, the blouse is wrinkle-free, or if clouds are obscuring the sunrise. The essence of a successful image is to convey emotion - a task that is far more complex than it might seem. Esther masters this task with brilliance.

Over time, Esther has developed a sense of the right moment. She recognises the small details that turn a beautiful picture into a compelling work of art. This gives her images the honesty and authenticity that is essential for a sincere portrayal.

Her desire is to celebrate individuality. With her images, she always wants to draw attention to the fact that true beauty is independent of age, weight or gender. It is the uniqueness of each person that unites us.

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10Photos says: Boring is different! Esther's creative approach to photography produces unique and ever-changing photographic works of art. It is not mainstream photography, there are no sterile "Barbie pictures" and that is a good thing. The focus is on people, their feelings and their uniqueness. Artistic people photography, with its often slightly abstract results, is a fascinating way of portraying people and Esther shows us wonderfully how exciting this field is. Boring is different!

See more extraordinary images on Esther's website soulfood-and-eyecandy.com and Instagram @soulfood_and_eyecandy_.


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