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Manuel Rieckenberg, a passionate photographer from Celle in Lower Saxony, Germany, began his photographic journey with nature photography, initially using only an iPhone. However, the desire for new challenges soon led him to a more professional camera and eventually to the fascinating world of people photography.

But his first attempt was anything but smooth. With little experience in people photography, an unfamiliar location and an inexperienced model, the shoot did not go as planned. But Manuel was not discouraged and, as a self-taught photographer, worked hard to learn the secrets of people photography. In time, many models began to notice him and he gained valuable experience.

Today Manuel is a creative and experienced photographer. Chip Foto describes him as a passionate photographer who has become increasingly professional over the years. For Manuel, photography is more than just capturing moments. It means having a good time, talking to nice people and having fun.

That's why he insists on a relaxed and humorous atmosphere at his shoots. His style is not fixed, he is always looking for new challenges and variations. However, it is important to him to capture the authenticity and emotionality of his models. To achieve this, Manuel exudes calm, composure and professionalism.

He rarely gives his models instructions during the shoot, allowing the moment to unfold spontaneously. The naturalness of the shot, with emotion and dynamism, is the essential element for him to create the perfect image. He is flexible and uses the available light as well as additional lighting, fog machines or other aids to create the desired mood.

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10Photos says: "In addition to the fantastic quality of Manuel's images, we are impressed by the enormous variety of his work. The relaxed atmosphere at his shoots is reflected in the results. They are emotional images full of joy and passion. Photos that are simply fun! Sometimes mysterious in natural light, sometimes brilliant and well lit in an exciting location, there are virtually no limits to creativity. We are more than impressed and are delighted to be able to introduce this likeable photographer to you.

You can find more information and pictures of Manuel on his website and his Instagram account @manuel_r_portraits.


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Chiara (@chiara_frechen)
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Angelina (@deadliestofangels)
Chantal (@chantalhnk)
Tabea (@wallysart_)
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Make-Up Bild 9 + 10:
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