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Petra Neitsch was born in the 1960s and is a portrait photographer from Oberbergisches Land, near Cologne. In 2008 she moved to the Tecklenburg region, where she now feels very much at home.

Besides her hobby "horse riding", she rediscovered her love for photography in 2017. At first it was nature photography, but Petra quickly realized that she is not the type to jump out of bed at sunrise. Maybe it's because of her profession that she prefers people to landscapes in front of the camera. As a trained medical assistant, she works with people every day. And she loves people, she loves emotions and she wants to capture them.

A shoot with this likeable photographer is very emotional. She turns on the music and asks her models to let go. No instructions, just suggestions, no stress or time pressure, just relaxation. The perfect picture is created when the actors feel comfortable in front of and behind the camera and the "work" is fun. A quote aptly describes Petra and her work: "I'm always looking for the image between the images. But when I find it, I cry with happiness. No, seriously, it makes me happy. And that's the most important thing. Have fun and be happy.

Stefan Beutler once paid Petra a great compliment when asked about the "red thread" in photography. He said: Petra, you don't have a red thread, you are the red thread. We at 10Photos fully agree with this quote.

Petra is a very emotional person and she hopes you can see that in her pictures.

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10Photos says: We can confirm this "hope" one hundred percent: You can see it! We see the passion in their very creative and varied images. They show emotion and seem alive. Especially the latter is very rare to see and it inspires us immensely. That's why we are so happy to present this fantastic and sensitive photographer.

More pictures and emotions can be found on the website www.pn-augenblicke.de and Instagram @pn.augenblicke.



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