Alexander Heffele

Alexander Heffele is a photographer from the town of Springe in Lower Saxony. Since 2019, he is active in the professional people, portrait and sensual area. However, topics such as beauty and fashion also inspire him and are increasingly finding their way into his varied portfolio. For professional images, he has a studio at his disposal.

For Alexander, it is important to show the person from his best side, without losing a natural image look. Image editing is an important process, just like the photography itself.

Honest communication with the model during the shoot is a very crucial factor for Alexander, because his pictures often show people very sensual and emotional. For Alexander, mutual respect is important here. The model must feel comfortable. Pictures without trust usually look cold and lifeless. If you look at Alexander’s pictures, you will undoubtedly notice this trust, because his works are atmospheric and sensual at the same time. This is how creative people's photography must be!

Many of his works can be viewed on Instagram: @alex.heffele
You can find the whole series uncensored on his website