Sveinung Wiig Andersen

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Sveinung Wiig Andersen is a Norwegian landscape photographer and nature enthusiast. He has been dedicated to photography since the age of twelve and has seen an incredible evolution since then. From the darkroom to the digital revolution, he has seen it all and continues to evolve. But one thing has always remained the same: his fascination with the rugged Nordic landscape.

His love for nature is his drive, and the beautiful, spectacular and powerful are the stories he loves to tell. On his countless travels through the European north, he captures the magnificent beauty of these landscapes and also likes to share his knowledge in online tutorials.

He specializes in film, communication, web and photography. Before becoming a photographer, he worked as a university lecturer in journalism, photography and film. He has also been active as a journalist in the Norwegian media and has produced many documentaries and informational films over the past 20 years. Sveinung is a brand ambassador for Kase and Vallerret Photographygloves quality products.

[Text 10Photos, based on the biography of Sveinung Wiig Andersen ]

10Photos says: Sveinung Wiig Andersen is a likeable and inspiring photographer who brings us closer to the beauty of the North with his breathtaking images. His work shows that the harsh landscapes of the subarctic are not only spectacularly beautiful, but also incredibly diverse. His work is an enrichment to all of us and we are grateful that he shares his passion with everyone.

Many more fascinating landscapes can be found on Sveinung's website www.sveinung-andersen.com and Instagram @sveinung_landscapephoto.