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Who is the guy taking these pictures? Robert Hecht was born in Cologne in 1967 and grew up there. After his civilian service and studies, he moved to Dresden, Aachen and Duisburg, and since 2009 he has lived and worked in a small town near Kassel called Vellmar. Professionally, he is at home in project management.

Since 1999, photography has become one of his more intense hobbies. His passion for travelling and getting in touch with people can be wonderfully combined with the desire to capture moments, moods and unusual perspectives in photographs. Robert finds it particularly appealing to put people in the limelight - whether as portraits or artistic nudes. His models often describe the joint photo sessions as a kind of small holiday. Of course, this makes him very happy and he hopes that the relaxed, creative mood will be visible in some of his pictures.

Photographically, the aesthetic impression is always in the foreground for Robert. He does not want to provoke or document ugliness. His aim is to capture beauty and aesthetics in the picture, or even something bizarre and humorous.

He experiences taking photographs and then working with the results as a constant new challenge and enrichment. The time of analogue photography has been over for Robert since 2012. Negatives and slides simply became unaffordable. Nevertheless, he sometimes puts his analogue material into the scanner and continues working with it on the computer.

Portraits and nudes were initially taken in his living room studio, later in rented professional photo studios. In the meantime, Robert Hecht prefers to work with convenient equipment on location and in nature.

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10Photos says: To produce creative, atmospheric and authentic images, many factors need to be right at the shoot. A relaxed and not forced atmosphere, a communicative photographer who guides the models and does not direct them, a solid technical know-how and a good portion of joy in experimenting. Robert has all this! And much more. He not only guides, he motivates. His knowledge is excellent and he is not only communicative but also inspiring. He searches for new ways, finds solutions and implements them skilfully. It is his passion, which is more than inspiring, that leads to such creative shots. We agree with his models: his shoots are a holiday from everyday life with wonderful memories.

More images and information can be found on Robert Hecht's website www.hecht-foto.de. In addition to portrait and nude photography, you can also find landscape and street photography.


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