Ralf Schilberg

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Düsseldorf photographer Ralf Schilberg became known in 2018 for his portrait series "Düsseldorf faces". The series has been exhibited many times and has been published as an illustrated book under the title "düsseldorf faces / düsseldorf stories" 2022.

Ralf Schilberg photographs exclusively in black and white, always focusing on the play between light and darkness. In doing so, he loves to tell stories with his photos. However, this does not apply to classic portraits, because portraits do not need a story, faces tell their own stories. That's why his portraits are reduced, almost strictly focused on the personality, whether celebrity or model from next door.

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We at 10Photos definitely love the stories of his pictures and their versatility. Harmoniously told and stylishly written down. Ralf's photographs do not show "soft-washed" emotionless faces, no flawless bodies embellished with Photoshop. His pictures show the truth. A beautiful truth. The slight graininess of the photos make you wish for the "good old analog time" again. Ralf Schilberg's portraits are portraits with emotion and level.

More from Ralf on his website www.ralfschilberg.de and Instagram @ralfschilberg.