Anton Rothmund

You can't retouch feelings ...

As an autodidact, I taught myself photography and later image editing. In the beginning I was interested in architecture, abstract photography, people and animals. I photographed mainly on trips, and there it was often the people and their faces that fascinated me the most. In the meantime, I photograph almost only people. I really like working with people. No matter if they are just "normal" people from the street, professional models, women, men, young or old people: Their charisma is important. I try to photograph the person and not the model.

I take my pictures almost exclusively with the available daylight. Either in my studio in Winterthur and/or out there, surrounded by a charming old industrial area (I love this area).
Die meisten meiner Fotos sind nachbearbeitet, wobei mir wichtig ist, dass die Bearbeitung natürlich bleibt.

More info and more fantastic pictures by Anton Rothmund on his website and Instagram.