Maximilian Ziegler

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Maximilian Ziegler is a nature and landscape photographer with a focus on weather photography. Since 2008, he has been pursuing photography with increasing passion and success. His digital and print work has been featured in calendars, coffee table books, websites, television shows, and professional articles.

Maximilian's fascination with the weather has been with him since childhood and led him to photography. His images often show interesting weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, sunsets, or calm fog. Maximilian finds extreme weather events particularly exciting, which is why he also travels as a "storm chaser". This passion has already taken him to the Great Plains of the USA, where the force of nature "weather" is perhaps in its most extreme form.

Maximilian grew up in Mundelsheim, a small wine village in the Neckar Valley. Although he has seen many landscapes around the world, the vineyards are a part of his home, which is especially aesthetic in the changing seasons. With his vineyard photographs, he wants to bring the uniqueness of this cultural landscape closer to people.

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10Photos says: Maximilian's ability to capture the dynamics of the moment is both impressive and captivating. He has also mastered the art of capturing unique lighting moods that showcase landscapes with an incomparable atmosphere. These are photos that are rarely seen. Thank you, dear Maximilian, for sharing them with us.

More fascinating photos of the likable storm chaser can be found on his website www.maxiblick.de and on Instagram.