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For Jörg Wiltink from Rheinhessen, Germany, nature photography is a welcome change from his hectic everyday life. He is particularly inspired by nature in the early morning and late evening hours, when the light is soft and atmospheric. It is at these moments that he reaches for his camera to take photographs or simply to enjoy the tranquillity of his surroundings.

He is particularly fascinated by macro photography. The view through the lens allows Jörg to immerse himself in a world that remains invisible to many - a world full of small wonders and fascinating details. But he also has an irresistible attraction to landscapes, which he sometimes captures in an abstract and minimalist way. He knows how to capture the beauty and uniqueness of nature in his images, giving the viewer a new perspective.

Jörg's favourite places to photograph are the biotopes of his home region, along the small streams of central Hesse, or on holiday at the seaside. He also enjoys underwater photography and photographing amphibians in their natural habitat, which always provides new photographic challenges.

Jörg's images combine documentary and abstract elements in a fascinating way. He loves to experiment with light, colour and focus to give his photographs a unique touch. His images often tell stories by capturing not only the main subject but also the surroundings. As in the pictures shown here of a grasshopper before the deadly spider web, or a pair of wasp spiders before mating and the unfortunate end (at least for the male).

His portfolio also includes classic and artistically creative macro shots that capture beautiful light moods and play with sharpness and blur. Jörg's macro and landscape photography defies categorisation and is characterised by its diversity and inventiveness.

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10Photos says: It is the naturalness, the authentic and varied depiction of animals and landscapes that inspires us about Jörg Wiltink's pictures. These are not photos that have been mistreated by the digital "colour pot". We see pictures full of exciting scenes that stimulate our imagination, that show us nature in the best light, as beautiful as it is. Pure creativity and diversity. We love it and savour every image.

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