Tilmann Wolfsgruber

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Tilmann Wolfsgruber is a macro photographer born in 1976. He lives with his family a few kilometers north of Kaiserslautern. Since 2016 he is more intensively engaged in the photography of small things. Insects and amphibians are his main focus. He is a lecturer at the Nordpfälzer Fotoschule, where he wants to inspire other people to look at the uniqueness of nature as well as the beauty of people through the lens of a camera.

In any case, Tilmann inspires us from 10Photos with wonderful and very atmospheric macro shots. Soft colors and the "play" with bokeh and light are typical for his pictures. Blur and light reflections are used for the image composition with pleasure and often. The results are creative and very varied photos.

Tilmann likes to use homemade tools for photography. Specially made carbon plant clamps, reflector and utensils for shading, everything is adapted to his way of photographing. Laser light barriers and photo traps for special purposes are also created in the own workshop. With Tilmann there is creativity and ingenuity not only behind the camera.

More pictures of this "photo craftsman" can be found in the Macro Forum and Instagram @tilmann_wolfsgruber.