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Chris Pilz is an experienced portrait photographer from Paderborn, Germany. What fascinates him about photography are the various possibilities of image composition and editing, especially the play with colors and contrasts. The approach "Everything is based on contrasts" characterizes his work and gives it a special touch. The selection on 10Photos is limited to black and white images.

Chris' interest in people photography arose during a period when he was looking for creative expression and wanted to escape from everyday life. The camera became his tool to capture the complexity of life in all its facets.

What sets Chris apart is his ability to make perfect use of contrast in his images. This is evident not only in the depiction of appearances, but also in the reflection of human emotions. His photographs are a blend of visual appeal and a certain depth that invites the viewer to discover the stories behind the images.

However, Chris' creative journey is not limited to the photography itself. The subsequent image manipulation is just as important to him. Here he experiments with color, light and shadow to create the desired contrasts and give his work an individual touch. It is important to Chris not to change the core message of the image and to preserve the model's charisma.

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10Photos says: Chris' credo "Everything is based on contrasts" runs like a red thread through his work. Whether it is the contrast of light and dark, color and gray, or joy and sadness, he is a master at harmonizing and blending these opposites in his work. Chris is not only a photographer, but also a storyteller who captures the nuances of life through his camera and invites us to see the world through his eyes. In his stunning images, we discover not only the diversity of people, but also the beauty of the contrasts that make our existence so unique. This is portrait photography at its finest.

Find more pictures of Chris Pilz on Instagram @chris_p._photography and his website www.chris-pilz.de.



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