Raimund Paris

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Raimund Paris, a photographer from Kiel, Germany, has been working in various genres since the late 1970s. His motto is: "Only photograph what you like the most".

What began as a hobby quickly became a passion. Film and image development soon took place in his own darkroom, where he often spent many days and nights. The transition to digital photography shortly after the turn of the millennium opened up almost limitless possibilities, especially in image processing.

He specialises in lost place and model photography, which he presents here on 10Fotos. He also enjoys nature photography and is always on the lookout for that special shot when travelling around Europe.

For Raimund, the focus is not just on documenting his subject, but on his individual point of view. His images are therefore not always realistic, but reflect his creative process. This creative process continues after the camera is released in the image processing and design until he is satisfied with the result.

A few years ago he discovered his passion for international competition photography, which he has pursued with great success.

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10Photos says: "Raimund Paris' impressive work combines art and photography in a fascinating way. His colourful and harmonious images leave a lasting impression, both as a whole and in their many fine details. The work of this likeable photographer from Kiel shows that there are no limits to creativity and that photography, like classical art, is capable of conveying deep emotions and impressions. We are more than thrilled, Raimund shows us photographic art at the highest level.

Weitere Bilder von Raimund gibt es auf Facebook and in the Fotocommunity.