Nina Papiorek

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Nina Papiorek, born in the late 1970s, is a renowned photographer from Oberhausen, Germany. She discovered photography in 2004 and three years later it became a passion that she has never let go of. Her work focuses on fine art, architecture, and landscape photography, with a particular interest in cityscapes and urban architecture.

Nina's visual language is characterized by an unmistakable aesthetic and takes the viewer into a world between fine art street and (urban) landscape photography. By focusing on architecture, graphic elements and lines, her images convey an impression of loneliness and desolation in an urban environment. A minimalist approach pervades her entire oeuvre, underscored by the absence of color and the exclusive use of black and white. Eliott Erwitt's motto is "Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive." also applies to Nina.

She is an international award-winning photographer whose work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications worldwide. Nina has contributed to several book projects and is the author of online photography courses. She is also part of "Soul of Street", the German magazine for street photography, and a founding member of the Düsseldorf street collective "dorfcollective". Her work inspires and impresses photography enthusiasts all over the world.

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10Photos says: Nina Papiorek's images are fascinating in a unique way because she is a master at seamlessly integrating people into her urban and landscape images. For her, people are not a foreign body, but an essential pictorial element that enlivens the scenery and provides a point of reference for the viewer. This skillful integration gives her photographs a special depth and tension that continually captures the viewer's eye and brings the image to life. Nina's intimate connection between art and photography is evident in each of her images, which are always a pleasure to look at. This is photographic art at its highest level!

More information and images about and from this extraordinary artist are available at: www.ninapapiorek.com as well as on Instagram.