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Nicolas Alexander Otto is a professional landscape photographer from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Besides photography, he runs the "Landscape Photography Podcasts" and a YouTube channel where he discusses submitted images and gives post-processing tips. He also offers photography trips and workshops. Alexander strives to capture the unique atmosphere of a location in perfect images and enjoys sharing this passion with others. He is actively involved in the German landscape photography scene.

The roots of his enthusiasm for photography go back to his childhood, when his traveling parents instilled in him a sense of culture and the beauty of nature. Inspired by his father and grandfather, who were also passionate photographers, photography developed into an intense hobby for Alexander. While studying East Asian Studies at the Ruhr University in Bochum, it became a deep passion. Since then he has been exploring Europe, always looking for the perfect light in iconic and undiscovered places. He tries to capture the essence of each place in his images.

For Alexander, photography is also a way to escape everyday life and explore new places. It is a way for him to break out and travel around Europe by car. Stripping luxury to the bare essentials, he sleeps in his car and tent, covers long distances with his hiking backpack, and always has his camera at the ready. He takes every opportunity to hone his talent and live out his artistic vision.

Alexander continues to educate himself to stay at the forefront of photographic development. He is fascinated by the combination of creativity and technology. This includes post-processing images in Photoshop or Lightroom when time permits.

In our post-modern society, where orientation is increasingly rare, Alexander focuses on the essentials: having new experiences, setting goals, seeking challenges and working on oneself. Photography allows him to gain a new perspective on his surroundings - always on the cutting edge.

[ Text 10Photos, based on Nicolas Alexander Otto's website ]

10Photos says: Looking at the spectacular landscape photographs of Nicolas Alexander Otto, you immediately feel the passion and fascination that drives this likeable photographer. Despite the grandiose landscapes, it is the subtleties and details that impress in his images. The saying "in the right place at the right time" applies to his photography one hundred percent. We are thrilled and enjoy the beautiful nature.

More pictures and information about Nicolas Alexander can be found on the website www.nicolasalexanderotto.net and Instagram @nicolasalexanderotto or YouTube. The Landscape Photography Podcast: Listen here.