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Jens Ober, a nature photographer from central Hesse, only discovered his hobby at the beginning of 2018. His "better half" (Note 10Photos: means wife in german) put a small DSLR in his hand after booking a Costa Rica trip. With the words "When we fly to Costa Rica, but we take the good camera with us" began his passion for photography.

Note 10Photos: On behalf of all viewers of the fantastic photos, we sincerely thank his wife for this great gift!

Jens himself had had nothing to do with photography before. However, the interest was quickly aroused. With the Taunus on the doorstep and regular business trips to the vicinity of the Black Forest, it naturally makes sense to deal intensively with landscape photography. By participating in appropriate workshops and reading reference books, the hobby very quickly became a passion.

Motivated by amazing images of the Milky Way taken by other photographers, Jens also became interested in photographing the night sky. This subject now fascinates him so much that photographing night landscapes is an important part of his passion. In the meantime, even the family has gotten used to the fact that any vacation planning has to be coordinated with the phases of the moon.

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Note 10Photos: What his wife thinks now about the little gift? ;-). We not only think, we even know: The photos of Jens are beautiful and varied. Colors are very harmonious, without being overdone and kitschy colorful. In Jens' nature shots you can see without a doubt that there is no need for effect filters, no need for colorful presets to show the beauty of our nature in photos. We advise the approx. 99% of Instagram nature photographers who work with effect showmanship to take a look at Jens' pictures. This is how good nature photography works!

More pictures are available on the website jensober.com or on Instagram @jens.ober.photo.