Kristin Weinhold

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Photography fascinated Kristin Weinhold from an early age. At four years old, she was already impressed by how a photo “magically” appeared on paper. First as a fine shadow, then as a finished image familiar to her. These experiences in her father’s darkroom were formative for Kristin. As a young adult, she then began to actively take photographs, first analog and a few years later digital. Today she lives and works in Dresden.

For Kristin, photography is first and foremost about consciously seeing, discovering the remarkable amidst all the everyday chaos. The amazement, the wonder and the excitement about aesthetic sights in often random constellations are her motivation to go out with the camera and discover new things. In recent years, Kristin has focused more and more on nature. For her, nature is not only an object, but an important part of our existence here on earth. To show its beauty in creative and sometimes minimalist details, to artfully set the frame around individual elements, are, for her claim and at the same time challenge in the photographic process.

Conservation plays an important role for Kristin. She writes herself: "We are only guests in nature, although we are part of it. But we have forgotten how to move around in it in a way that respects and protects it. Photographers in particular have an important responsibility when presenting their images in social media and on the Internet. My images are meant to invite that the beauty of nature is often in the details and not just in well-known grandiose photo spots."

[ Text based on the biography of Kristin Weinhold ]

10Photos says: The likeable amateur photographer is no stranger to creative activities, not least because of her job in the kindergarten. So it’s not surprising that Kristin’s pictures are more than “ordinary” nature shots. The term “abstract nature photos” describes her work very aptly. Thereby, the pictures are not only extraordinary from the motive but also extraordinarily beautiful, harmonious from the detail as well as exciting thanks to interesting forms and colors. Kristin Weinhold shows us a special, beautiful nature in her photos.

More pictures from the photographer on Instagram @kris_tin_photography and Vero @kris_tin_photography.