Jason Pettit

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For me, photography is a direct extension and reflection of my own life experience.

My images of wild lands and water are inextricably linked to my unremitting passion for nature's subtleties and splendours.

Through my work I want to convey a simple and powerful message - there is more to nature than what is viewed on the surface. We can discover deep metaphors that are mirrors into ourselves, as well as conduits to a deeper understanding of the world around us.

I began photography as a way to be creative. I’ve always felt a strong urge to be creative but have never been very artistic. Five years ago I discovered photography through chance. All I remember is buying a camera on a whim with no forethought…it felt as if the camera was just shoved into my hand by an outside entity.

I’m from a small island called Prince Edward County sitting in Lake Ontario, Canada. Having always lived here I have grown a strong bond with the land and have explored most every nook and cranny of its diverse landscape. It’s where I create all of my work, believing that it is a subject/project that I may never be done with. My photography is definitely a product of where I live.

Unfortunately, my home doesn’t have mountains, canyons or Red Wood forests and so the grand scene is something I've never been exposed to. Likening my home to music; whereas the landscape of a place like Colorado would be represented by a grand opera, Prince Edward County would be better portrayed through simple folk music, and that’s fine. I find my home has shaped how I create, and forced me to push harder to learn how to “see”.

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10Photos is thrilled with Jason's artwork. Often it's the simple things that fascinate us or make us think. Jason's images of "simple" nature are proof of that! Fascinating, exciting, never boring. Simply beautiful. His images are less documentary, more artistic, often abstract and full of interesting colors and shapes. He undoubtedly makes us see nature with different eyes with his photos. When a forest in winter becomes a work of art, it's clear: this is landscape photography at its best!

For more from Jason, check out his website www.jasonpettit.ca or Instagram @jasonpettit.photography