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Helmut Pilò is a landscape and nature photographer from Cassino, a small town in central Italy. He discovered his passion for our nature and photography in 2016 during a trip to Iceland.

He writes about this: "I remember buying a camera to capture the most beautiful places and keep them as memories. The impression of the wild and majestic nature of Iceland overwhelmed me. When I returned home and looked at the photos I had taken, I thought I wanted to deepen my interest in nature and photography."

Helmut quickly discovers that professional equipment is not necessary for landscape photography to take excellent pictures. It is the passion for our nature, which is needed to create something special and creative. The eye for hidden beauty. Seeing things that you normally just pass by, the interplay between colors and shapes. All this is enormously important for fantastic pictures. Our world is a huge photo studio! Helmut has discovered this and his models are patient and he makes them appear in the best light. His often abstract photos live on brilliant colors and the interplay between sharpness and blur.

Finally, a quote that describes Helmut wonderfully: “Over time, I wanted to have a deeper and deeper contact with nature: I wanted not only to be in front of it, but to be in it, in an ever more intimate relationship. For this reason, my attention turned more to the details. If I had to define what photography is as a result of my experience, it’s a journey of discovery towards myself and the world.”

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10Photos says: Abstract nature photography is not easy. The reference to the motif "nature" is often quickly lost and the abstract pushes itself too strongly into the foreground. Fortunately, this is not the case with Helmut's pictures. The landscapes remain in the "focus". The result is creative and exciting nature shots with abstract elements. We love this kind of photography and are very happy to present the likeable photographer and artist Helmut Pilò here.

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