Michael Jaeschke

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Gallery of nature and landscape photographer Michael Jaeschke. His passion is, among other things, as you can see in his gallery on 10Photos, the trees. In an impressive way, the structures and forms of these fascinating woody plants are shown here. With the successful implementation in black and white, the effect is again strengthened. Nature photography in a refreshingly different way.

A small Gallery and a Bed & Breakfast pension in the Weser valley, very close to the "primeval forest Sababurg", is run by Michael Jaeschke and his wife. From there, the Kellerwald, Harz, and Hainich National Parks are also not far away, so Michael Jaeschke can regularly visit "his" trees and photographically accompany their "growth and decay".

More photos by Michael Jaeschke are available on his website: www.michaeljaeschke.info
Bed & Breakfast and Gallery Weser 12: weser12.de