Lothar Dörfer

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Lothar is a fashion and people photographer from St. Johann in the Swabian Jura (Germany). A wonderful area with a great biodiversity of insects. Stop. Why is he photographing people? In such an area, every macro photographer's heart bleeds. But when you see the fine pictures of Lothar, you immediately understand his passion for the human motif and are even happy to see no creepy-crawlies.

Lothar learned photography self-taught. A friend inspired him for studio photography of people (we thank this friend very much). His images are characterized by fine-art processing and wonderful creativity. Colors are important to Lothar, many of his shots are intensely colored, but always very harmonious. This sets him apart from many people photographers. Color as a stylistic device. It was precisely this style that drew our attention to Lothar and we were left hanging in amazement.

Another focus of his photography is nude photography and composing. The former can be found on his website www.lothardoerfer.com . More varied pictures can be found on the Instagram account @lothar_doerfer_photography.