Mario Hildebrandt

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Mario Hildebrand, a landscape and nature photographer from the Harz Mountains in Lower Saxony, Germany, discovered his passion for nature at an early age. On regular hikes through his home region, he experienced the untouched beauty of his surroundings and found a source of inspiration in the peace and solitude.

His photographic journey began on a motorcycle tour of Scotland in 2020. A simple point-and-shoot camera was not enough to capture the breathtaking scenery, which made him want to authentically capture the beauty of nature. Since then, photography has become an intense and passionate hobby that harmonizes perfectly with his love of travel.

In addition to landscape photography, Mario discovered his interest in nature, animal and macro photography, which has stayed with him ever since.

For Mario, it is very important to share the impressions and experiences he gathers on his travels and hikes with those who remain at home. He does not want his photographs to be just for himself, but to give others a glimpse into the fascinating world of nature. His images open windows to areas that are often overlooked in everyday life. Mario invites us to rediscover the world through his lens and to appreciate its beauty.

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10Photos says: "At a time when nature is often taken for granted, Mario's captivating photographs remind us how precious and inspiring it is. His work is not only an aesthetic treasure, but also a powerful reminder of the beauty and vulnerability of our environment. He powerfully demonstrates how culture and nature can harmonize, and how humans can live in harmony with and within nature.

Find more pictures by Mario Hildebrand on his Instagram channel @hildebrandt_mario.