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The Cologne landscape photographer Beate Grever comes from a family of artists with Silesian roots. Growing up in Germany, a lifelong exploration took place on the basis of art and music within the tension between similar and different views and ways of life of these two cultures rich in tradition.

Painting soon grew into a love of photography. "I still paint, but now with light and put my focus on landscape photography. When I take pictures, everything around me becomes transparent and disappears, then I immerse myself in the picture, then I literally dive into another world. It's like electricity: you get caught up in it without seeing it."

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Beate Grever likes the lonely morning hours and the unique light at this time. We at 10Photos like the moods of the photos that emerge then. The human influence on nature does not appear disturbing in her photographs - on the contrary - often the clever inclusion of buildings or objects creates a harmonious “work of art”. Culture and nature in beautiful interplay. We also like that very much!

More info about the photographer and artist under the gallery images. You can also find more of Beate on Instagram @beaux.arteliers.

Beate about herself:

"I travel through the darkness waiting for the morning light ... and I can't get out of my amazement when the awakening sun gently embraces nature ... and when the mountain breaks open and the light seems to penetrate it, it's as if the beauty of its being outshines everything.

I don’t travel to arrive, rather I arrive as I travel...I can hear the silence out there in the mountain world and love to listen to it. I find peace and tranquility in photography and the moderate pace of nature, then seem to stop time for a moment. I can hardly get enough of the beauty of our earth and feel a tremendous vitality and, at the same time, a sense of home. Perhaps I will be able to share the unique beauty of our planet, as I perceive it, with people who cannot visit these wonderful places in person. Maybe my photographs will manage to convey to them the feeling of freedom and at the same time home, as I feel when I give in to my wanderlust gene and travel through time with my camera in my luggage to create unforgettable memories."