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This could be the shortest text of a photographer's description here on 10Photos. The photos of Michael Martin speak for themselves - ready! - But Michael puts a huge spoke in our wheel. It's not just his incredible photos that fascinate us, it's also the photographer. Geo magazine called him the most famous globetrotter in Germany. We also think he is the most interesting globetrotter in Germany.

His travel and photo presentations are at least as exciting as the pictures themselves. Jörn Wallenwein from 10Fotos was able to experience this live in November 2022. In front of a nearly sold-out crowd in a large town hall near Frankfurt, enthusiastic spectators were able to witness the lecture on his work of the century "Terra". Almost three hours of incredibly fascinating photos, almost three hours of equally fascinating and exciting stories, almost three hours that seemed like just a few minutes to everyone.

Tip: The lecture series Terra runs until spring 2024. A must for every nature lover or photographer. More info here: Venues and dates Terra.

Michael Martin has turned his hobby into his profession. His passion for photography and our planet can be seen in every photo. His pictures tell stories without being just the means to an end. They are often the result of enormous perseverance and tenacity (and this despite the fact that he says about himself that he is terribly impatient).

Whether for days through the driest desert, whether torturous tens of thousands of meters of altitude in the Himalayas or the Andes, whether "eternities" at -40 ° Celsius through Siberia or the polar regions, one thing is certain, Michael gets the photo he wanted. It is exactly this passion that inspires and fills us with awe. And the best part is, he shares it with us. In coffee table books, DVDs, books, and live we are allowed to experience his adventures in picture and sound.

His works have received numerous awards, for example, the Medal of Honor of the Royal Geographic Society. Most recently, he received the Gregor International Calendar Award and the ITB Book Award for his life's work. GEO magazine has dedicated a special GEO extra to Michael Martin.

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More information about Michael Martin and his projects can be found on his website www.michael-martin.de and Instagram @michael_martin_photographer.