Stefan Melly

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Stefan Melly is a nature and landscape photographer from Switzerland. His focus is the local nature with the animals living there and the magnificent mountain landscapes of the Swiss Alps. His goal is to make these natural wonders accessible with photographs to those who themselves do not have the opportunity to visit these wonderful places in the best light.

His photos are taken mainly during the golden hour and at dusk early in the morning and evening, often away from civilization. For Stefan, it is not only the photographic realization of an image idea that counts, but also the hike and the overall experience. He likes to go it alone as well as in the company of like-minded photographers but avoids so-called hotspots whenever possible. He gladly accepts the resulting gaps in his portfolio for this.

Experiencing nature intensively and reproducing it in fascinating, even extraordinary photos, is the great passion of Stefan Melly. A passion that we can now all enjoy.

More pictures and info about Stefan Melly are on his website www.stefanmelly.ch and Instagram.
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