André Hofmann

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André Hofmann is a landscape and wildlife photographer from the beautiful Allgäu in Germany. André has virtually grown up with the camera, as his whole family are also passionate nature lovers and nature photographers. Since childhood, he is with the camera on the "hunt".

The Alps and Scandinavia are the preferred regions, which are also regularly traveled. André about his photography: "I always try to capture special moods and moments. Abstract and atmospheric are part of my motto."

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10Photos says: André shows us that successful wildlife photography does not necessarily mean photographing a subject in full format. Creativity and an eye for the special are just as important, perhaps even more so. Writing this text makes us realise not only how versatile nature photography can be, but also how diverse and fascinating our world is. Many thanks for that André.

More information about André Hofmann can be found on his website www.naturfoto-ahofmann.de and Instagram @beautifulnature_ah.