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In the last 20 years, I have experienced and explored the nature of Lapland every day in every possible way. On foot through the remote Nordic forests, by boat in the great lakes of the Swedish mountains or the Norwegian coast, by snowmobile and snowshoes the vastness of the Lapland tundra and the Swedish-Norwegian border mountains. This also includes large parts of Finland and Norway.

But my starting point is the heart of Swedish Lapland. Almost 80% of my pictures are taken in unique, secluded places, the number of photographers I have met here over the years can be counted on one hand. Far from roads, hidden and secluded, many of my photo spots are deep in the forests or mountains. This makes each of my tours unique and a different experience. Being outdoors with passion, finding new & mysterious places, experiencing and photographing as no one has done before, makes the difference and every tour a little adventure.

Lapland is not bigger, farther, faster - not epic nature in the classic sense - it is much more full of emotions and a magical light that few places in the world can offer. 24 hours of sunlight in summer and 5 hours of the golden and blue hour in winter - it is always a magical journey.

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10Photos says: We believe that everyone who sees Andreas' images will get wanderlust. It's not just the many spectacular shots of untouched nature, but also the incredible diversity he shows. He brings the charm of this unique landscape into our living rooms and we can only marvel in awe.

For more pictures and information about Andreas Hinzer, please visit his website www.andreashinzer.com or Instagram @andreashinzer. Professional photo tours: www.andreashinzer.com/Tours