Kai Hornung

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Kai Hornung is a multi-award-winning landscape photographer from Germany. His images are published worldwide in magazines and online media. In 2020, he became the first German to win 'photographer of the year' in the prestigious International landscape photographer of the year awards.

Kai describes his images from European countries such as Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Norway or even Germany as Landscape Photography Art, which includes dramatic panoramas, impressive aerial shots, and abstract detail shots of our nature. „Nature tells us stories. I want to listen and tell about it in my pictures. This can be very concrete but also very abstract. Sometimes it is not so important what is depicted, but what emerges from it in the mind of the viewer.“

Kai writes for German and international magazines, gives multilingual talks and workshops, and is in demand as an interview partner worldwide. More than 135,000 people now follow him on Instagram.

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1oPhotos says: When you look at Kai's photos you get the impression that they are out of this world. Sometimes we see strange looking structures, fascinating landscapes that leave us open-mouthed in awe. Kai's images are a tribute to nature and we are more than inspired.

News and further information about Kai Hornung can be found on his homepage www.kaihornung.com and also on his Instagram page @kaihornung.