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Siegfried Eichhorn is a versatile landscape and architecture photographer from Inning am Ammersee. In addition to photography, he also works as a video producer. One of the focal points of his professional work is the numerous workshops and individual coaching sessions he offers to both private individuals and companies. Siegfried has turned his passion into a career, but you can immediately tell that he has not lost his fascination for photography and filming. This is more than evident in his very informative and extensive YouTube channel.

Siegfried's atmospheric photographs combine nature and culture in a very harmonious way. Buildings or other man-made elements do not appear to be intruding, on the contrary. Through skilful choice of perspective and perfect integration of the foreground, nature and buildings blend rather than compete. He likes to work at sunrise and sunset to capture the soft light, but also to create moods of tranquillity and solitude.

Siegfried also specialises in night photography of landscapes and the sky. Stars and the Milky Way as a whole are favourite subjects. Again, he likes to combine buildings and the lights of civilisation with the natural light of the night. The results are photographs with exciting compositions and lots of detail. When it comes to landscape photography on 10Photos, Siegfried sticks to atmospheric twilight images.

In addition to nature and landscape photography, Siegfried is also interested in architectural photography. Unusual buildings, both inside and out, long exposures in the evening or at night, fascinate the creative photographer. He likes to combine static buildings with moving objects such as cars or trains. Stillness and movement come together to create an exciting contrast. The special light in the evening, at night or inside buildings also creates dynamic and colourful images.

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10Photos says: Siegfried Eichhorn's multi-faceted landscape photographs inspire with their masterful and harmonious fusion of nature and human creation. His skilful use of light, perspective and composition allows him to capture the majestic beauty of nature in a powerful way. Siegfried also fascinates us with his photographs of urban landscapes and buildings, which create a powerful atmosphere through their colour effects and dynamics. We are thrilled by the creativity and versatility of this likeable photographer.

You can find more pictures and information about Siegfried Eichhorn on his website siegfried-eichhorn.de, on Instagram and Facebook , as well as in the Fotocommunity. Tip: Very informative and entertaining is his extensive YouTube channel.