Corinne Dörflinger

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Corinne Dörflinger lives with her family in Switzerland and is a keen nature and landscape photographer. Even as a child she was drawn to the outdoors in all weathers. When she was a teenager, she took her first camera with her on hikes and this passion has stayed with her to this day. She spends every available minute outdoors, where photographing and experiencing nature is as relaxing and calming to her as yoga - a perfect balance to her often hectic life with children and work.

Corinne loves to pack up her photographic equipment and spend a weekend in the mountains, in a tent or bivouac. She is often alone, accompanied only by her camera and the silence of nature. These moments in the mountains always fill her with deep satisfaction and gratitude. Despite the power of nature in the Swiss Alps, the images that emerge reflect this peaceful tranquillity. Although rich in detail, her images are by no means documentary. Corinne captures not only the landscape, but also the mood and atmosphere of nature.

Clouds, light and shadow, special perspectives and reflections are creative elements in her photographs. Corinne works in a very creative and versatile way. The result is an incredibly exciting and diverse portfolio - a beautiful and unique homage to Swiss nature.

Corinne prefers lesser known or even undiscovered places, often only accessible after long hikes and strenuous climbs. She loves the challenge of reaching these remote places. A likeable photographer, she plans her routes carefully at home, researching footpaths and weather conditions. Thorough preparation is essential for her.

All of her photographs are taken in her home country and she is always fascinated by the diversity and beauty that her country has to offer. Photography has taken Corinne to many places she would never have discovered otherwise, and each photo tour is a new adventure and a unique opportunity to capture the unspoiled nature of Switzerland.

[ Text 10Photos, based on an interview with Corinne Dörflinger ]

10Photos says: Corinne Dörflinger loves nature and we love her extraordinary images. The variety is enormous, both in terms of the subjects and the moods conveyed. We see and discover a vast Swiss nature unknown to us, sometimes gentle, sometimes imposing. Looking at the pictures, one wishes to be in the midst of these forces of nature, to experience the silence and to enjoy the unique view. Because Corinne's pictures convey emotions and awaken longings - this is landscape photography at its best.

More pictures and information about Corinne Dörflinger will soon be available on her website www.corinne-doerflinger.ch and Instagram @corinne_doerflinger_fotografie.