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Blai Figueras from Spain is a former maths teacher and landscape photographer. He originally photographed mainly on the Costa Brava and the Cantabrian coast, with a preference for dynamic and dramatic seascapes in a picturesque and artistic style. However, remote and underdeveloped areas in South America and the far north of Europe have also piqued his interest. As well as photography, he is passionate about art and painting, as well as chess and Scrabble. He is a world champion at the latter.

Blai's love of art began in his earliest childhood. He enjoyed drawing as a young boy and soon discovered his love of painting. One of his favourite memories is a gift from his father: a compact Kodak camera that introduced him to photography.

In the years that followed, Blai continued his artistic journey, visiting art galleries and drawing inspiration from nature and the works of great landscape painters. From 2012, he devoted himself entirely to digital photography, which became his main interest. As a mathematics teacher, he used his analytical mind to improve his photographic techniques and to understand how to deal with each situation.

Blai describes himself as a lover of landscape photography and enjoys exploring places and experiencing unforgettable moments in nature. For him, photography is a challenging activity that involves overcoming obstacles such as adverse weather conditions and even taking risks.

His experience and passion for photography has inspired Blai to offer advice to budding photographers, including the importance of artistic vision and the ability to capture light and detail.

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10Photos says: Blai Figueras is a creative photographer who combines his passion for art with analytical thinking and a love of nature. The results of this unusual combination are images that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also inspiring. They capture moments that inspire the viewer to discover the beauty of the world around them. Through his unique perspective and technical finesse, Blai is able to authentically capture the natural splendour and atmosphere of different places. His work inspires and touches, it has a fantastic dynamism, yet at the same time has an enormously soothing effect. You can feel the surf, taste the salt and feel the wind. We are more than impressed!

More photos are available on: @blai_figueras and Flickr.