Markus van Hauten

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Markus van Hauten, a nature photographer from Stolberg, Germany, discovered his passion for photography in 2006. The decisive impulse came before a trip to Iceland, when he bought a digital SLR camera.

Although he had been interested in photography for a long time, it was this vacation that finally sparked his interest and gave him the impetus to turn his hobby into a profession. After dabbling in sports and wildlife photography, Markus discovered his passion for landscape photography while on vacation in the Alps in 2013. The majestic mountains of the Alps and the wild coasts of Iceland continue to fascinate him, and he has visited the island more than a dozen times.

The opportunity to capture breathtaking sunrises and unique weather conditions with his camera is a special contrast to everyday life for Markus and a source of strength and energy. The resulting photographs are often memories that stay with him forever and shape his life.

In recent years, Markus has won several national and international awards, including a category win at the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards. His images have also been published in various photography magazines, sometimes even on the cover.

For Markus, the ever-changing light situations and moods in landscape photography are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The saying "Photography is painting with light" is more than just a motto for him - it is his passion that drives him on.

[Text 10Photos, based on information provided by Markus van Hauten ]

10Photos says: Markus van Hauten's photos will remain as memories in his mind. They remain unforgettable memories for us as spectacular nature shots. It is not only the fascinating landscapes that inspire, but also the diverse and exciting moods that he captures creatively time and time again. Landscapes in fascinating light, photographed from special perspectives, are a unique and beautiful homage to our natural world. His photographs are authentic, not embellished with oversaturated colors, yet incredibly powerful. This is landscape photography at its finest!

You can find more pictures of Markus van Hauten on his website www.van-hauten.eu and Instagram @markusvanhauten.