Jannette van der Boon

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Jannette van der Boon is a Dutch nature photographer. Her focus is on macro and landscape photography, and this likeable photographer is particularly fond of local flora and fauna. Her images are less documentary, but show our nature in an impressive, creative and artistic way.

Jannette about herself: „I started photography in 2014 and have become more and more passionate during this time. Macro is my great love but for the last couple of years, I have also spent more time shooting forests and landscapes as well. Photographing nature is an important part of my life. Being out in nature gives me the peace and relaxation I need besides my busy job as a teacher.

I often hear people find my macro photos have a soft or dreamy look. I spend a lot of time 'creating' the right background in the field. I love soft colors and bokeh a lot, especially when I am photographing butterflies, it makes the butterfly stand out more."

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10Photos says: Jannette van der Boon's photography is an excellent example of the fact that you don't need exotic and spectacular landscapes and animals to take fascinating nature photos. With creativity and a flair for beauty, she creates extraordinary nature images. Jannette impresses us with detailed and wonderfully natural images of the animal and plant world. We are more than thrilled!

See more pictures of Jannette van der Boon on her Instagram account: @jannettevanderboonphotography