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Born in the 1960s, nature photographer Gary Spicer from Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, discovered his passion for photography at an early age. After training as a photographer, he worked in a studio in the 1980s. He later changed careers and became a self-employed roofer and owner of a construction company. In his spare time he devotes himself mainly to bird photography.

Although Gary's interest in photography had been dormant for some time, the possibilities of digital photography reignited his passion in 2008. Since then he has concentrated on photographing native birds. Most of his photographs are taken from a hide in the forest, but he also travels to various countries, including Hungary and Costa Rica, bringing back fascinating images of the local birdlife as souvenirs.

For Gary Spicer, composition is essential, as is soft, gentle light and a well-considered perspective to bring out the best in his subjects. Not only does he strive for documentary representation, but he also places great emphasis on an aesthetic and varied presentation of the birds. The beauty of these feathered creatures fascinates him deeply and always serves as a stimulus and motivation for his work. His photographs are characterised by brilliance and richness of detail, and are a wonderful homage to the world of birds.

Gary's work has been published in various national newspapers and throughout Europe, including for prestigious organisations such as Birdlife Switzerland and a raptor conservation project in the Pyrenees.

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10Photos says: The fascinating appeal of Gary Spicer's images lies in their versatility and exceptional quality. Every image in his incredible portfolio is a testament to his dedication and skill as a bird photographer. This personable photographer's images are characterised not only by their technical brilliance, but also by his ability to capture the grace and diversity of bird life. We thank Gary for his tireless work and dedication, the result is a gallery of impressive quality and fantastic beauty.

More fantastic bird photographs by Gary Spicer can be found on his website and Instagram.