Gary Spicer

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Gary Spicer is a 1965-born wildlife photographer from Shaftesbury (district Dorset, England). He writes about himselft: „I Studied film photography at school and worked for a studio photographer in the 1980s mainly processing films in the darkroom. Drifted away from photography until quite recently when I picked up a digital camera in 2008. I am a Canon shooter for those who are interested. Although I still have an obsession with film cameras and darkroom work my main interest is Bird Photography. Running my own roofing and construction company I tend to be more of a part-time photographer sometimes going months without taking a picture. I travel mainly to Hungary and have made a visit to Costa Rica recently. But my main photography is taken from my woodland hide and locally. I have had work published for Birdlife Switzerland and used in a Raptor conservation project in the Pyrenees, and various national newspapers.“

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10Photos says: It’s the versatility that excites us. It’s the quality of the photos that impresses us. Gary has quite a portfolio and we don’t even want to know how long it took him to select 10 photos. Thank you, Gary for your efforts! The result is a great gallery.

More fantastic bird photographs by Gary Spicer can be found on his website and Instagram.