Raúl Espino

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Raúl Espino, a nature and macro photographer from Seville, Spain, is passionate about local flora and fauna. His photographic focus is on capturing animals in their natural habitat, providing a powerful insight into the beauty and diversity of nature.

Macro photography has a special appeal for Raúl. He enjoys showing the small, often overlooked details in his images that remain hidden at first glance. The art of colour design is of central importance to him. Although his images have a rich palette, he manages to maintain a natural and balanced aesthetic without resorting to exaggerated colour.

For Raúl Espino, photographing animals and plants is more than an artistic expression - it is a wonderful way to get closer and more involved with the nature he loves so passionately. This love of nature permeates his work, giving it a sincere authenticity that invites the viewer to discover the beauty and complexity of nature in each image.

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10Photos says: "It is the naturalness of Raúl's images that fascinates us, it is the small and fine details that never cease to amaze us in his photos.

More photos of Raúl Espino can be found at Instagram and on 500px @raulespino78.