Hans-Helmut Esser

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Hans Helmut Esser, a nature and wildlife photographer from Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, was infected with the "photography virus" at an early age. His photographic beginnings ranged from 35mm to medium format to plate cameras on an optical bench, with an initial focus on landscape photography. Over time, he developed an increasing interest in nature photography of the local animal world.

The darkroom technique also had a strong attraction for him. Self-taught in densitometry and the zone system, he achieved a consistently high quality in his photographs. He also shared his knowledge and skills as a lecturer.

Due to family and work commitments, he was unable to photograph intensively for a while. Since 2005, however, he has returned to his passion for nature photography, this time using digital technology.

Since August 1, 2009 he is a full member of the GDT (Gesellschaft für Naturfotografie e.V.), which underlines his commitment and recognition in the nature photography community.

[ Text 10Photos, based on information from Hans-Helmut Esser ]

10Photos says: You can feel Hans-Helmut Esser's deep connection in his fantastic images. He shows nature and its inhabitants not only in a documentary way, but also in a varied and creative way. Harmonious colors, wonderful light moods and a great play with sharpness and blur are inspiring. Hans-Helmut impressively shows how exciting and fascinating wildlife photography can be in Germany.

More information and pictures can be found on his website www.hhesser.de and Instagram.