Hans-Helmut Esser

The "virus" photography caught me in my early youth. Initially, with small pictures, then medium format, and finally with a plate camera on an optical bench, my photographic focus was on landscape photography.

I also liked the darkroom technology.

Using densitometry and the zone system, which I learned autodidactically and was also active here as a lecturer, I achieved a consistently high quality.

For family and professional reasons, I did not come to photography for a long time. From 2005 I was intensively engaged in nature photography, this time in digital technology.

I have been a full member of the GDT since August 1st, 2009
(Society for Nature Photography E.V.)

I use the Nikon system with original lenses.

You can find further information and pictures:

Homepage: https://www.hhesser.de
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/augenblicke.in.der.natur/
GDT: https://www.gdtfoto.de/mitglied/1000717/Hans-Helmut-Esser