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Kevin Eßer is a passionate macro and nature photographer from Hessen, Germany, whose enthusiasm for nature dates back to his early childhood. He is particularly fascinated by reptiles and amphibians, which have a special place in his photographic work.

In 2010, Kevin made his first trip to Costa Rica, where he took part in a sea turtle conservation project. This experience awakened a deep connection with the natural paradise in Central America that has stayed with him ever since. He regularly returns to Costa Rica to capture its rich flora and fauna on camera. He often combines his visits with individual nature tours, where he shares his knowledge of the fantastic wildlife as a guide.

But it is not only Central America that fascinates him. The herpetofauna* of southern Europe also holds a strong attraction for him. Countries such as Croatia and Portugal are among his favourite destinations to document the diversity of reptiles and amphibians. He never loses sight of the local wildlife and takes every opportunity to capture it on film.

Kevin's images are much more than documentary. They are characterised by exciting perspectives, gentle moods and fascinating colours. His skilful use of light gives his photographs a special atmosphere. The colours in his photographs are vibrant and harmonious, without ever appearing kitschy or unnatural. Despite their aesthetic beauty, the authenticity of nature is always at the forefront. Kevin's work is a tribute to the diversity and beauty of nature and its inhabitants.

He is particularly keen to share his love and connection with nature with his children and others. Through his photography he hopes to convey the importance of conservation and the wonders of the animal world. As well as being a fantastic photographer, Kevin is a passionate conservationist and ambassador for the environment.

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10Photos says: Kevin Eßer's photographs inspire us with his unique ability to capture the magic of nature in every detail. With a trained eye for exciting perspectives and an extraordinary feel for light and colour, he succeeds in presenting his subjects in an aesthetically pleasing yet moving way. His images invite the viewer to see the world from a new, fascinating perspective. It is the combination of technical brilliance and emotional depth that makes his work so special and compelling. Kevin's photographs are not only visual masterpieces, but also a powerful tribute to the beauty and diversity of nature that inspires wonder and reflection. We are more than impressed by his nature documentaries at the highest level.

Find more pictures and information about Kevin Eßer on Instagram @natura_rica, auf seiner Webseite natura-rica.com and in the forum for nature photographers.



*) Herpetofauna refers to all the amphibians and reptiles of a particular geographical area or habitat. The term is derived from the Greek words "herpeton" (reptile) and "fauna" (animal world). Herpetofauna therefore includes all species of frogs, toads, salamanders, lizards, snakes, turtles and other related animals found in a particular area. Herpetofauna play an important role in scientific research and conservation, as they are often used as indicators of the health of ecosystems.