Vera Schalberger

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Vera Schalberger is a nature photographer from Friolzheim, Germany. Her passion is macro photography. Vera loves to capture small things in creative and sometimes artistically abstract images. These are often small wonders of nature that you don't notice and pass by carelessly. Vera has an eye for these things, be it plants or animals. And she loves the surprises that a walk in nature has in store for her and anyone who opens their eyes.

In addition to macro and abstract photography, Vera is especially passionate about landscapes. Her portfolio includes creative detail shots as well as classic landscape images. Vera's images clearly show that photography is a wonderful art form.

Vera writes about herself and her photography "I have always been very interested in nature, and later I discovered that traveling is a great way to reconcile and enjoy landscapes and nature. Together with Charlie we are still discovering the world and capturing it with our cameras as we see and feel it.

Coincidences in my life have led me to work intensively with digital photography since the end of 2008. I particularly enjoy nature photography, with its opportunities to explore the macro range, plants, mushrooms and butterflies, and more recently, the colors and shapes that can be found in nature. My photos don't always have to show what I see in a completely naturalistic way; I also like to add a creative touch to my pictures.

It's always a wonderful moment when I'm out there with my camera, trying to capture what I see in my own way. You even forget the time!

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10Photos says: There is hardly anything more beautiful and diverse than our nature. Vera manages to capture this beauty and diversity in her images. Art and pure photography merge in her photographs, not competing with each other, but forming a harmonious and fascinating work. The play of colors, shapes and sharpness in her photographs inspires us. Dear Vera, thank you for walking through our world with open eyes and showing it to us so beautifully.

More information and pictures of Vera Schalberger can be found on her website at the following address www.vera-schalberger.de and in the Nature Photographers Forum, on 500px as well as on Facebook.