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As a young music student, after making music, I spent my free time with photography. With my first used analog camera with a 50mm fixed focal length, I moved through East Berlin and photographed everything that came in front of my lens. Afterward, I locked myself in my darkroom and developed my pictures myself. At that time I didn't know that 30 years later I would become a part-time photographer with my own photo studio in my hometown.

Photographing people in all forms and facets is my focus. Since I do not have to live from my income from photography, my creativity remains absolutely intact and I can do what I want and what I enjoy. This includes primarily fine art photography in the style of the old masters and from past eras. This is for me the balance from everyday life and the oasis for my soul at which I refuel strength and further ideas. The combination of modern photography with the look of old paintings is like a journey back in time to the living rooms of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Rubens, and all the other brush-wielding colleagues before whom I bow reverently over my pictures but also give my "modern" models the due respect and take them with me on the journey through time. 

We at 10Photos think: absolutely impressive and very stylish. See more from artist Mirko Wagenschütz on Instagram: @fineart_foto_deutschland and @Liderschlag as well as on Facebook Mirko.Wagenschuetz.Fotografie and on the website liderschlag.de.

Necessary note on the subject of "buttocks and breasts" on the Internet: Dear young visitor. If you are not yet 16 years old, unfortunately you are not allowed to view these artistic and sensual photos. Please leave this site now. Alternatively you can go to a public swimming pool, there you will surely find enough women with naked torso. Or look at the lightly clothed girls on the billboards in the city. That is also allowed. Not here! Please close your eyes immediately and scream for help ...

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Cover image: Sanni (@sanniwagenschuetz)

Chrissi (@_just__chrissi_)
Vanni (@curvyvanni)
Sanni (@sanniwagenschutz)
Lutz (@lutzboltz)
Beard (@gh_beard_)
Veide (@olgamaria_veide)
Soumise (@madame_soumise)
Jess (@binkowskijess)
Sev (@moments_sev)
Anna (@anna_inberlin)