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Berlin-based portrait photographer Mirko Wagenschütz has had a fascinating journey through the world of photography. As a young music student, he discovered his passion for photography and explored the streets of East Berlin in his spare time with a used analog camera and a fixed focal length of 50 mm. With dedication and enthusiasm, he developed his images in his own darkroom and learned image processing from the ground up.

Mirko's love of photography has stayed with him over the years and although he doesn't make a living from it, his creativity is unbridled. This freedom allows him to pursue his passion and focus on portraying people in all their forms and facets without pressure or obligation.

Mirko is particularly fascinated by fine art photography in the style of old masters and bygone eras. For him, it is a balance to everyday life and a source of inspiration from which he draws strength and develops new ideas. The combination of modern technology and the aesthetics of old paintings allows him to take a fascinating journey back in time to the salons of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Rubens and other great painters.

While Mirko honors the tradition and style of past eras in his work, he shows his "modern" models the respect they deserve. For him, every portrait is a celebration of timeless beauty and the diversity of human expression. In his Berlin photo studio, Mirko creates an atmosphere of creativity and trust that allows his models to immerse themselves in a journey through time and become part of his unique artistic vision.

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10Photos says: Mirko Wagenschütz's stylish images captivate with their unique fusion of modern photography and the aesthetic standards of past eras. His work takes the viewer on a timeless journey to the world of the old masters, capturing the beauty and diversity of individual expression. Mirko's skillfully staged compositions pay homage to the human body and create an atmosphere of awe in which the viewer can be enchanted by timeless art. We are more than excited!

More information and pictures of the likeable artist can be found on Instagram @fineart_foto_deutschland and @Liderschlag as well as on Facebook and on the website liderschlag.de.



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